2018 Yamaha Star Venture

Editor@Throttle|Updated: July 10, 2017 9:24

Yamaha Motor Company has recently launched the 2018 Star Venture in the United States. The massive tourer has made its entry as the most technologically advanced motorcycle by the Japanese manufacturer. The significance of the 2018 Yamaha Star Venture can be stated by the fact that the company has generated an altogether different segment with the bike, which it calls the transcontinental touring.

The sturdy looking 2018 Yamaha Star Venture shares its underpinnings with the XV1900 Midnight Star. The front fascia is dominated by a massive headlamp section that consists of four units. The tall windscreen over it helps in protecting the rider from wind blasts at high speeds. Since we have already mentioned, the bike is a pure technological marvel, the story of the windscreen does not ends here. The windscreen is electronically adjustable and it has deflectors as well to direct the air towards the rider in order to keep him cool. The big air scoops on both sides towards the front helps the bike gain a more raffish character.


The 2018 Yamaha Star Venture draws its power from a 1854cc, air-cooled, V-twin motor that sheds out a maximum torque of 170 Nm. Power is sent to the rear wheel via belt drive. Since this motorcycle accounts for a massive weight of 434 kgs, thankfully it has been assisted with an electric gear that works both ways, viz forward and reverse to ease up the task for the rider while parking. Yamaha Motor Company has placed this motorcycle in the Transcontinental space, and hence it has been assisted with a special TransContinental (TC) package. This includes fog lamps, GPS (Global Positioning System) and special dual zone speakers that lets the rider and the pillion listen to music from their individual sources. Not only this, the two can also answer to calls separately using an accessory mic and headset.


Article source : India/Auto