Agra Enfielders all geared up for 2018 MahaRM

Editor@Throttle|Updated: December 22, 2017 9:45

Agra Enfielders, Agra is a group of 60+ riders who ride Royal Enfield bikes, and are geared up for 2018 MahaRM. Established in 2015, the founders of the club are Dheeraj Solanki, Saurabh Jain and Arjun Pasricha. The club members believe that ‘The road and beyond is our playground... our very soul. Ride free". The members ride because they feel every turn, every mile, every challenge that nature offers is a lesson we must learn.


They have attended 4 Rider Manias till now and are looking forward for 2018 MahaRM. Speaking about their Rider Mania experiences they say "Rider Mania - Sounds like an event.. But you need to be there to know what's it all about !! Stories of getting stuck at some pass, how one got away with a puncture at midnight... How you got a leaking tank and then you towed the bike for kms.. how someone managed to find a job with the help of another.. how one got help when his parents were out travelling.. it's more than just an event..  it's a get together of people who are mad. When I say mad. Trust me MAD !! These people can kick their bike and go on a ride for 4 months whereas the plan was for a chai ride in the mid night.. Stories about how they fell in love with the two wheels.. these people never change.. I know a few who used to attend year after year while he was single.. then he got married.. he has since then got 2 slots registered ... And now the three of them come together... Yeah.. his son has done 2 RM's already !! That's what RM is about !! Warm hugs.. Smiling faces... Arms wide open... Music... Dirt track... Artists.. local flavor... And then more of them to be written when we meet again "!! They further add,  "January for us is Rider Mania. RM is a way of life!"