All new Honda Monkey on its way

medha@Throttle|Updated: September 22, 2016 9:39

With the success of the MSX125 since its launch in 2014, Honda is out to capitalise on its popularity by mixing the MSX’s usability with the classic style of its legendary Z50 Monkey. Cheap, fun, light and stylish, the MSX is a 3/4-size bike; small enough to be thrown about but big enough to be usable for commutes and city riding and has struck a chord with buyers.


Now Honda looks set to mix the MSX’s mechanical parts with the styling of the original Monkey, creating a modern take on the classic machine that will be legal to sell in emissions-restricted markets like Europe and America. The frame and engine are from the MSX125, which also donates its wheels, brakes and front suspension. At the back there’s a new single-seat subframe which also serves to create mounting points for the twin shocks that replace the MSX’s monoshock design. Below them lies a tube-section swingarm, mimicking the original Monkey and replacing the box-section arm of the MSX125.


The bike is much larger machine than the original, lacks the folding bars of the original and gains a new exhaust system, taking the classic Monkey’s scrambler-style high-level pipe. Above the engine there’s a large air filter case on the right hand side, hiding the fuel injection system, and matching panel on the left that’s actually a storage locker. In terms of performance the bike will be pure MSX125 – 9.65 bhp at 7000 rpm from a 125 cc single and a weight of around 100 kg. 


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