American Firm 6D Unveils New Helmet Design With Shock Absorbers

Editor@Throttle|Updated: March 13, 2018 8:48
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American company 6D has showcased a helmet design- ATS-1 that can be called revolutionary to say the least. The helmet features small elastomeric isolation dampers between the outer shell and the inside liner of the helmet which can help dissipate energy transfer to the brain in case of an accident/impact. The company calls this technology as Omni-Directional Suspension (ODS). This particular technology was also selected as a winner in America's National Football League's Head Health Challenge program in 2015.


Delving a little into the technology bit, the ODS is basically a kinetic energy management system which is built into a multi-liner assembly. On impact, the elastomeric isolation dampers act as suspension and distribute the kinetic energy in all directions, minimising the impact on the head. The ODS tech works equally well at any velocity plus it can dissipate the impact energy be it angular or linear. The helmet's design and the ODS technology also helps elongate the deceleration time on impact. More time means less severity of the impact as the energy generated on impact is dissipated better. The company, 6D, says that the helmet exceeds global helmet ratings such as US FMVSS 2018 (US), ECE 22.05, which is valid in 47 countries worldwide and also AC/CE approved as well.


Currently the helmet is on sale in USA, UK and few other countries. In UK it is priced at 699 pound sterling, which will be equivalent to around ₹ 63,000.


Article Source : NDTVAuto