Aprilia MotoGP Team Introduces Augmented Reality Helmets For Pit Crew

Editor@Throttle|Updated: September 18, 2017 14:48

Recently. it was announced that MotoGP has made helmets mandatory for the pit crew of participating teams. And keeping the same in mind Aprilia, along with DAQRI and Realmore have developed a helmet that has in-built augmented reality (AR) technology into it. DAQRI is making the hardware while Realmore is concentrating on the software part of it. The helmet will allow mechanics to get information on the part of the bike they are working and also have telemetry as well. The helmet will have an in-built thermal camera along with a heads-up display (HUD) which will make life easier for Aprilia MotoGP mechanics.


Some of the applications of the augmented reality helmets include displaying 3D models of the race bike, checking the parts and components inside the bike, participate in making strategies on the basis of information displayed on the HUD in real-time and also have a look at the telemetry data when the bike is out on the racetrack. The AR helmets will make it easier for the mechanics to share and access race data seamlessly. Aprilia hasn't said how soon the AR helmets will make their way onto the race paddock but the technology seems to be ready for use. While breakthroughs in racing and engine technology are common, Aprilia is ready to change the way a MotoGP paddock operates with its Augmented Reality Helmets.


Article Source : CarAndBike