Ather Energy plans two new scooters by 2021

Editor@Throttle|Updated: June 9, 2018 8:56

Ather Energy has only just launched its first electric vehicles, the Ather 340 and the Ather 450 scooters, but the company already has much more planned for the next few years. Speaking with company co-founder, it was disclosed that the start-up isn’t going to be resting easy after the launch of its new e-scooters and supporting charging infrastructure. As the company slowly works on expanding to different cities, it’s also developing a number of newer models.


The company knows they won’t be enough to meet its three-year goal. Bringing in the backup will be two new scooters that will take Ather’s total tally of e-scooters to four by the time it completes its third year of business. It is too early to know what these scooters will be, but there are some telling signs. Breaking ground with a premium product is a good idea when you’re trying to get people to understand that EV’s don’t have to be cheap, tacky and poor performers, which, let’s face it, is an apt description for almost all existing EVs in India.


Ather also plans to introduce electric motorcycle but expect a three year development period, which means the company will launch it by the end of 2021, or more likely in 2022.


Article Source : AutoCar India