Ather To Offer Electric Scooters on lease in Bengaluru

Editor@Throttle|Updated: February 28, 2019 8:16

Ather, a startup which makes two of the finest electric scooters in our country, is now offering their scooters on a lease basis. This facility, however, is only available in the city of Bengaluru, the only place where this brand currently caters to.


The scooters can be leased for a minimum time period of 13 months and the maximum time period is 36 months. To start the leasing of the scooters, one has to pay a small refundable deposit to obtain the scooter, followed by a nominal rent fee on either a monthly or quarterly basis. The deposit would be returned at the end of the lease period, where customers can decide whether to return the scooter or buy it by paying up an additional fee, which depends on the deposit paid and the rent plan one has selected. The scooters on lease also come with a free service subscription, making sure the scooters are in their best health during the ownership period.


Ather 450 is the more powerful offering with a power output of 5.4 kW and 20.5 Nm. The Ather 340, on the other hand, generates about 4.4 kW and a maximum twist of 20 Nm. Both these scooters have a tremendous amount of features on offer including GPS, disc brakes, an inertial measurement unit (IMU), cloud connectivity and much more. There is no doubt that these are the scooters of the future and if you were hesitating to buy them till now, maybe leasing them out os the perfect way to go.


Article Source : Motoroids