Audi RR Concept Bike

Editor@Throttle|Updated: December 24, 2018 9:33

Damien Viczarra of 5:11am Design has shown his interpretation of an Audi motorcycle. It is a futuristic concept that draws inspiration from the current trend in conceptual design but it comes with a few unique features that are worth a closer look at. Christened as Audi RR Concept Bike, the  inspiration was drawn directly from Audi’s catchy slogan: “Truth in Engineering” and the Audi RR reflects their promise – it’s sleek and stylish, pure and clean but wonderfully simplistic. Damien has captured Audi in a two-wheeled form, with ergonomic and integrated controls and features like the customary LED strip headlights that have become Audi’s signature element.


Aside from the obvious modern fairings and side panels (which are very similar in to the Koenigsegg motorcycle concept), the Audi RR is equipped with a race inspired single-arm swing arm for convenient and speedy tire changes, a transparent, vented engine shield that’s reminiscent of the Audi R8’s engine hood and comes equipped with an incredibly high-tech hybrid system that allows the machine to scream like a bat out of hell or be a stealthy as a ninja without compromising performance, with a flick of a switch between ‘street’ and ‘performance’ modes.


To match the single-sided swing arm at the rear, Damien has also designed an innovative quick release lever front the front wheel too. The innovation doesn’t end there though; this Audi concept bike would also come equipped with a magnetic transmission system and some brand new “rear view cameras” mounted on each side of the handlebar that would couple with new Smart Helmet technology. The cameras would allow the rider access to a real-time, rear-view feed displayed on the helmet’s visor. Damien insists that Stealth Matte Black or Audi Silver would be the best color choice –which makes perfect sense for product synergy.


Article Source : AutoWise