Bajaj and TVS to roll out bio-ethanol vehicles after Transport Ministry’s nod

Editor@Throttle|Updated: May 7, 2018 10:43

Automakers including TVS and Bajaj are ready with its products that run on Bio-Ethanol fuel. The cleaner fuel is now being promoted by the Ministry of Road Transport but the larger question on availability of Bio-Ethanol fuel is still unanswered. With the aim to reduce the oil import bill, Indian government led by Ministry of Road Transport is encouraging two and three-wheeler manufacturers to bring in products that run on 100 percent bio-ethanol that is made out of rice and wheat straw. Further, Minister of Road Transport and Highways confirmed that top automakers including the likes of Bajaj Auto and TVS Motor Company have already made this possible and he has approved the permission to mass produce these vehicles.


He says, "I told the management of Bajaj and TVS to make ethanol-based bike and auto rickshaws. They made it. I am giving them permission and the auto rickshaws or bikes or scooters will run on 100 percent bio-ethanol."


While the minister's comments are very encouraging, we still think it should be Ministry of Heavy Industries taking a call on setting guidelines for manufacturing of these vehicles and also the availability of biofuels to the mass public and popularising it among two/three-wheeler owners will be the first big task.


Bio-Ethanol fuel being promoted is indeed a cost-effective compared to other biofuels and certainly over petrol and diesel-powered vehicles. The production of this fuel is least expensive and every country has the capacity to use produce it. Rice, wheat straw and even the likes of corn and sugarcane can be used to make this fuel. Use of ethanol over other regular fuel ensures fewer emissions and significantly low levels of toxins in the environment. However, many might argue that the distillation process that requires a lot of heat is not the cleanest way to make bio-ethanol. The harnessing of fuel from rice or wheat is an economical way to sustain an economy and reduce dependency on fossil fuels and create huge employment opportunities as it opens up the untapped agricultural sector.


Ethanol is classified as a renewable energy source as the production of ethanol begins with photosynthesis which requires sun. It is also hard to vaporize. 


Article Source : FinancialExpress