Bangalore traffic police use a Road roller to crush loud Royal Enfield exhausts

Editor@Throttle|Updated: December 12, 2017 12:58

Over the past few months, the traffic police of Bangalore have been cracking down on loud exhausts, especially the ones found on Royal Enfields. Any Royal Enfield bike fitted with a modified exhaust and not with the manufacturer's specification was removed and the owner subsequently fined under Section 190 (2) of MVA. They have also run a road roller over the seized exhausts in abid to destroy them.



Over the past few weeks, traffic cops in Bangalore have been stopping Royal Enfield riders with loud exhausts, and removing the exhausts on the spot. Apart from fining the owners, cops have even gone to the extent of seizing Royal Enfield motorcycles that had loud exhausts. Coming to the argument that cops need to first act against dealers who sell after-market exhausts, it’s untenable because of two reasons. 1. The dealer selling the exhaust is not liable for where it is used. 2. Such after-market exhausts are perfectly legal on private roads. This is the reason why cops cannot act on dealers selling after-market exhausts. Why, even Royal Enfield, through the company-owned brand stores, sells aftermarket exhausts. However, the company clearly mentions that such exhausts are meant for ‘off-road’ use, limiting its liability.


Article Source : Cartoq