Benelli’s 750cc parallel-twin almost production ready

Sanad Qazi|Updated: February 8, 2017 8:24

Testing is underway one the Benelli 750cc parallel that was talked about May last year – suggesting that it will be ready for an official reveal before the end of 2017.


Videos have emerged in China, where  Benelli 750cc is being developed by parent company Qianjiang., showing finished-looking motorcycles in action. The as-yet-unnamed 750cc parallel-twin motorcycle is even proudly displayed at the firm’s headquarters, as seen in the picture. The red prototype reveals that there have been few changes since earlier. The exhaust silencer has been mildly reshaped and there are new castings for both the main and pillion footpegs. The headlight is fractionally different and the rear brake caliper has been repositioned from above to below the swingarm.


The Benelli 750cc twin being developed in Italy is basically two cylinders of Benelli’s existing triple, and was first mooted a decade ago when it revealed the Due 756 prototype. That motorcycle made its first appearance as far back as 2006, reapperaing several times over the next few years but never reaching production. The Benelli Due 756 claimed 72kW at 10,000rpm and 64Nm at 8,000rpm. Whether stricter modern exhaust emissions limits will reduce that output on the new Chinese-made twin is yet to be seen.


The Benelli 750 is expected to be joined soon after by a 900cc three-cylinder version, along with a Benelli 1200cc shaft-drive touring motorcycle.


Article source : Motorcycle Thailand