Bikes in Movies : E1 Elasticycle in Incredibles II

Editor@Throttle|Updated: July 11, 2018 9:26

'E1 Elasticycle' in Incredibles II is surely one of the best design for bikes. Elasticycle was built for Elastigirl and possesses few features designed specifically for her rather unique needs. The frame is split just forward of the swingarm pivot and is held together with a powerful electromagnetic clamp. When the bike's halves are separated Elastigirl herself becomes a stressed member of the frame and, by using her body-stretching super powers, she can maneuver the bike in ways that are impossible for more mundane vehicles.  The large oval Elastigirl symbols on the bike's flanks serve more than a cosmetic function.


It is held together in a carbon fiber and magnesium alloy monocoque that's both very light and extremely rigid. The bike's profile is low and slim with a pronounced cafe racer style—especially in the lines of the seat and rear cowl. The clip-on style handlebars and magnesium alloy rearsets make for an aggressive riding style and improve overall aerodynamics. A front fairing—which also houses the powerful, multi-spectrum LED headlight and small, recessed turn signals—provides a surprising amount of protection from the wind and adds to the bike's cafe styling.


 A low-profile, multi-function touchscreen controls the bike's infotainment system and provides the rider with up to the second information—speed, Gs, revs, charge, various onboard system statuses, etc.


Article Source : RideApart