Bikes in Movies: Kawasaki Z1000 modified to the core featured in the movie RoboCop 2014

admin@throttle|Updated: August 10, 2016 12:20
Robocop movie

The action thriller movie RoboCop 2014 is a remake of the same name movie of 1987.The plot revolves around a cop turning into a robot. In this super powerful blend of man and machine, the fascinating police interceptor was an outcome of a series of extreme creativity and hard work.


The Police Interceptor was tailor made by modifying Kawasaki Z1000. The film uses the robust Z1000 stripped down to the frame with increased swing arm that makes it look larger in length.The exhaust system is camouflaged to give it a killer look. With redesigned lights and modified tail seat that resembles a modern jet fighter, the sport bike is truly appealing. Production designer Martin Whist has transformed its sound to a beefy electric whirr for the roaring noise. The super robot cop gave a hard time to the bad guys in this sci-fi movie.