Bimota EB1 Concept Electric Bike

Sanad Qazi|Updated: April 4, 2017 9:09

Four digital design students from ISD school in Valenciennes, France has designed a CGI animation video on race concept electric bike. With the Bimota brand on their bike, an Italian manufacturer of custom and production motorcycles, named this race concept electric bike as EB1. Their passion towards the bike and the animation design are much appreciatable and hope to see a production bike soon from Bimota on the same.  



Named the EB1, the computer-generated bike has been designed with hub-centre steering at the front, a system synonymous with Bimota used on bikes such as the Tesi 3D. The students envision a future where batteries for electric motorcycles can easily be removed from the motorcycle - presumably for easy charging and the bodywork was designed to channel cool air to the motor.



Watch Video:-


Article Source: MotorcycleNews