BMW 1200GS Hubert Concept

Editor@Throttle|Updated: May 21, 2019 9:27

Oberdan Bezzi has imagined the Hubert Concept based on BMW 1200 GS. While colors and livery will distinguish the individual packages, the real prize is the new 1200 liquid-cooled motor, 21” front rim, and Telelever forks. The Hubert Auriol and Gaston Rahier tribute bikes could also serve a developmental role in BMW’s quest to re-assert its off-road dominance from yesteryear.


Hand building these machines with personalized performance tweaks would also add to their mystique. The intention is clear — to throw down the gauntlet with a fearsome off-road statement for which select customers will pay top dollar. This concept looks pretty chic, what say?


Article Source : ADVPulse