BMW, Lego join hands to make a hoverbike

Sanad Qazi|Updated: February 24, 2017 10:41

BMW Motorrad and Lego have collaborated to work on a unique creation. It first started as a flying bike kit which was made of 603 Lego parts and now, there’s a full-scale model.  


This full-scale model is based on the Lego version and has been designed by BMW Junior Company – a small group of young engineers within the company. The Hover Ride Design Concept can’t really fly but it gives a glimpse of how an actual hoverbike could look in the future.  


BMW’s vision is to continue inventing new technologies that could help the next few generations. The Hover Ride Design Concept is one step towards airborne personal transport. This concept gets the typical BMW design such as the boxer engine and the GS silhouette. The engineers had to custom make every part as this concept is one of a kind.  




Source: Bikewale