BMW set to create a storm with a GPS enabled helmet

admin@throttle|Updated: August 10, 2016 15:36
bmw helmet

Automobile giant BMW is working on a novel concept of integrating GPS into the helmet. This will enable riders to get information directly into their heads instead of depending on the age old satellite navigation system.


The haptic helmet will vibrate when the information needs to be passed just as your smart phone vibrates in the pocket.  The helmet will come with ring of haptic actuators around the head that will pass on the required information without the risk of disturbing the rider.  This will enable the flow of complex information by simply changing the place where the rider can feel the vibration or frequency of the signal. Riders can get direction from satellite navigation systems and as the technology advances, information from all electronic gadgets will be available.


With BMW having a key role in V2V (Vehicle to vehicle) project that allows one to know who is moving around, this technological revolution is sure to create a storm among motorcycling enthusiasts.