BOBMC (Brotherhood of Bulleteers Motorcycling Consortium)

Editor@Throttle|Updated: November 20, 2017 13:15

BOBMC (Brotherhood of Bulleteers Motorcycling Consortium) is a common forum that brings together all the Enfield Riding Clubs and Riders across India. Formed in 2004, it is registered under the Socities ACT. It aims to increase inter-club interaction and help each other building camaraderie among motorcyclists especially Enfield riders.


BOBMC is a not for profit association with members having a passion for motorcycle travel. It is the largest community of Royal Enfied bikers across India. More than 120 clubs with 5000+ members come under the umbrella of BOBMC. Every year it organizes Rider Mania , an anuual biker gathering in different locations of India. Since 2003, it has successfully initiated 15 events and the 16th event titled MahaRM is scheduled to take place in Jan 2018. Throttle is proud to be associated with MahaRM 2018. 



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