Care for a cup of chai?

admin@throttle|Updated: August 10, 2016 18:53
carefor cup of chai

A hot cup of Chai is the last thing on your mind when the weather around you is just waiting to boil your energy away and fry your bike’s engine. But for hot spirited bikers, based out of namma Bengaluru, a hot cup of chai, could be the first thing on their mind, if it is just 280kms away!


Your bike would not mind the distance too!!


Throw in the awesome chicken curry meals & wildlife in Bandipur & Masinagudi, on the way, you have an awesome visual & culinary adventure waiting for you. Ooty’s salubrious climate has been an eternal draw for the local Kings’, British imperialists as well as the well heeled tourists. The picturesque scenery & tea gardens just add to the fun factor. The undulating hills are enveloped with chilly mists, inviting twisties and above all the local Chai shops.


After losing your breath to the beautiful twisties, stop by to enjoy local chaiwallah’s unique tea making skills. Do indulge yourselves in the lovely local chocolates and pack some good local wine to enjoy back home. The trip can be done in one day or over a few days, depending on your time & tastes. Also, do make it a point to visit Emerald lake, for some memorable photos.


Main routes:
Route 1: (NH209) Bengaluru – Kanakpura Road – Bandipur – Ooty
Route 2: (NH275) Bengaluru – Mysuru Road – Nanjanagudu – Bandipur – Ooty


Twistie – Chai routes:
i) Masinagudi – Ooty
ii) Ooty – Coonor
iii) Ooty – Kotagiri