Club Event : Bajaj Avenger Club (BAC) 5th Anniversary Celebration

Editor@Throttle|Updated: November 8, 2017 20:06

Bajaj Avenger Club (BAC) is the largest representation of Bajaj Avenger across the globe. The club has 15 chapters across India with 4000+ members, and chapters in Bogota, Colombia and Quito in Ecuador. Founded in 2012, the President of the club is Srinidhi Hebbur and Vice - President is Ankit Gandhi.  The club recently celebrated its 5th Anniversary across all chapters which was an exciting and super fun event.


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​​Bajaj Avenger Club Bengaluru, Bajaj Avenger Club Coimbatore, Bajaj Avenger Club Chennai celebrated the 5th anniversary at Happy Homes Resorts in Bengaluru. Eminent biker Deepak Kamath who travelled the globe on his bike shared his experience with everyone. Ankit Gandhi launched the revolutionary and patented product - Riding Gear Hanger by Tidy Rider which can guard all the riding gears. There was a speech by pet biker Gowtham Shravan Kumar on PetPhati. Vivekanandhan Dhanapal Raghunandan Bagare Srinivas Jaggumantri Apurva Mishra, Pradyumna K Kammardi , Nitin Patil and Manjunath ML shared thir Ladakh biking experience with fellow bikers. 

Bajaj Avenger Club Delhi and Bajaj Avenger Club Chandigarh celebrated 5th Anniversary at Karna Lake Restaurant, Karnal. Bikers zoomed past on the NH1 zig zagging past the  vehicles..The discipline of the group while continuing with the same formation in the left lane and the lead Marshalls clearing the lane was a beautiful sight.



For 5th Anniversary, Bajaj Avenger Club Nagpur flagged off their Pride Ride from Bajaj Patni Automobiles and rode to Rajdhani Family Restaurant on NH-7 Nagpur-Amravati Highway. The celebration cake was cut by Mrs. Pooja Juneja, the first female rider from BAC Nagpur followed by DJ Party and delicious food. 


Bajaj Avenger Club Pune and Bajaj Avenger Club Mumbai celebrated the 5th Anniversary together by riding to Lonavala and cutting the celebration cake followd by breakfast. 55+ members from BAC Mumbai and 40+ members from BAC Pune were present for the celebration and they decided to collaborate on more rides.



Members of Bajaj Avenger Club Ahmedabad  went to Anand for a breakfast ride They celebrated the 5th Anniversary by riding an approx. distance of 200 kms to & fro.



For the 5th Anniversary, 20+ members of Bajaj Avenger Club South Bengal rode to Throttle Shrottle (Bikers themed cafe) at 3.30 pm where they celebrated by cutting the celebration cake.



For the 5th Anniversary, Bajaj Avenger Club Kerala rode to Nelliyampathy. The bike ride to Nelliyampathy took them across off roads full of foggy morning and evening rides with most breathtaking, challenging and awe-inspiring landscapes of tea estates. The ride was headed by Capt. Mohammed Anzil  with total 11 super riders who enjoyed the awesome jungle ride.


Bajaj Avenger Club North Bengal is steady and growing community and aspires to grow into a strong tree in the years to come.
Bajaj Avenger Club Hyderabad celebrated anniversary beautifully by recollecting every frozen moment that the club has given to each of them. This shows that they are definitely gonna go big in the coming future with much more blissful in experiences and they will be hosting Avybration 2018 and invited all the chapters to city of Nawabs for the same.
For the 5th Anniversary, Bajaj Avenger Club Bhopal completed a 200+ kms ride. The route passed through cities, remote villages and stunningly dense jungles. The first stop was at Delawadi amid dense forest of Ratapani wildlife century, then Jholiya Dam, then Kolar Dam and the day ended with cutting the celebration cake. 
Throttle Team wishes Bajaj Avenger Club (BAC) members heartiest Congratulations for achieving this Great Milestone!