Concept Motorcycle on Japanese Samurai

Sanad Qazi|Updated: February 2, 2017 12:22

Two designers Artem Smirnov from Belarus, and Vladimir Panchenko, from Ukraine have collaborated together for a concept motorcycle that is based on the art of origami and the Japanese Samurai spirit. The concept design is so astonishing and hopes to get converted into reality.  

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The main concept at play here is the majestic and timeless soul of the samurai combined with the space age carbon fiber material. Merging these two very different things and throwing in Origami (the Japanese art of paper folding) into the equation, the concept is birthed with simplicity and complexity all balled into one stunning looking bike. According to the designers, they stated that “The Japanese approach to design has always been original, which is the foundation of culture with its art of origami and the samurai spirit. The simplicity and sense of space, and today are recognized in the industrial design of the Japanese brands. But for some reason, this approach is now rarely used in the design of Japanese cars and motorcycles.


The dynamic duo even came up with an amazing sidecar concept to go along with the motorcycle! The sharp, straight lines with edges are definitely paying homage to the Japanese culture of Samurai and Origami. And what better way to bring everything together into the 21st century than naked carbon fiber.  





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