Curtiss Motorcycle Company unveils Warhawk -its last V-Twin model

Editor@Throttle|Updated: March 6, 2018 9:20
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Curtiss Motorcycle Company (formerly known as Confederate Motors) has announced a new V-twin motorcycle model titled Warhawk, the first under the Curtiss name in over 100 years, and the last internal combustion engine model under the name. The announcement marks the first product release since Confederate Motors rebranded to Curtiss Motorcycle last year. The new model, called Warhawk, will be a limited edition model and only 35 will be made. The Warhawk shares its name with a famous World War II fighter plane, and pays homage to the man who invented the first American v-twin motorcycle - Glenn Curtiss.


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The Warhawk is based on our acclaimed P51 Fighter, the engine, powertrain, and chassis are as solid as a bank vault. The announcement of the Warhawk also marks the last motorcycle of its kind that the company will produce as it transitions from internal combustion to all-electric engines. Only 35 Curtiss Warhawk motorcycles are scheduled to be manufactured, with the bike priced at $ 105,000 (over ₹ 68 lakh). Curtiss Motorcycle Company used to be known as Confederate Motors, a manufacturer of exotic motorcycles, and founded in 1991. Last year, Confederate Motors tied up with electric motorcycle manufacturer Zero Motorcycles to form Curtiss Motorcycle Company. The first all-electric cruiser from Curtiss is expected to be called Hercules, named after the famous Curtiss Hercules released in the early 1900s.


Article Source : CarAndBike