Cycling Octopus Friction

admin@throttle|Updated: August 9, 2016 15:37

The automotive culture of India consists of every type of enthusiast who preaches his love for his liking of wheels in every way possible for him. While some of them call it a recreational activity, there are a few others who pursue their passions and find solace in doing so. Friction profiles the latter.
Friction is an eight part YouTube web-series that has profiled some of India’s adventurers who have worked passionately and dedicatedly towards their love for all things that move on the road and continue doing so even today. Conceptualised about a year and half ago and made by Cycling Octopus, a Pune based content creator, the web-series interacts with these adventurers and their perspective of the automotive scene in India. Friction plays hosts to motorcycle builders, collectors, car restorers and collectors and cyclists as well as cycling enthusiasts.
The main aim of the creative duo at Cycling Octopus, Anurag Ramgopal and Ashish Pillai is that these stories need to reach out to people and they believe that in one glance, the people themselves will find such stories around them which need to be shared.

Brilliantly shot and cleverly crafted content makes Friction a webseries which one should not miss and watch if haven’t already. One thing for sure that by the end of it, the viewer will surely be motivated to follow his passion.