Cyclotron – a futuristic, self riding motorcycle concept

Designed by Charles Bombardier and Ashish Thulkar, the Cyclotron is a concept bike with a bit of a difference It is enclosed, runs on electricity, has enough room for two passengers who sit facing each other in an enclosed cabin and it rides itself. There is a gyroscopic system keeping the bike upright (even when stationary) and the electric motor powers both wheels. Charging the batteries would be done wirelessly, and you could even buy and sell electricity between similar vehicles within reach. The vehicle is intended for both personal and professional use, so there could even be Cyclotron taxis in the future.

The futuristic design was inspired by the Tron light cycle and the C1 prototype vehicle from Lit Motors. The designers believe that the vehicles would help to reduce congestion on the roads, due to their reduced width, which could also reduce energy consumption for the commute compared with existing electric cars.


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