Do you support this Anti-Helmet Drive in Pune?

Editor@Throttle|Updated: November 23, 2018 9:44

Citizens in Pune have come together to protest against Police Commissioner's  recent announcement mandating use of helmets by two-wheeler users in the city from January 1, 2019.  The citizens include social activists, politicos, businessmen, NGOs and RTI and consumer activists who have come together. 

The citizens have formed a group called Anti-Helmet Compulsion Action Committee (AHCAC) which would protest against this decision in different ways. Citizens say that Pune city does not require helmets due to heavy traffic jams and narrow roads. The authorities first need to resolve the basic traffic issues pending since ages . They also feel that policeman and their pillions should first set the example by wearing helmets and then enforce it. They also added that they are open to using helmets on highways but in city limits where the speed is not more than 20-25 kmph people face problems like spondylitis due to weight of helmets.

Throttle, being a strong supporter of road safety feels that helmet is a mandatory riding gear and people should wear it during riding. As far as other issues are concerned, they can be handled in a different manner, but certainly not by compromising on safety.
What are your views on this Anti Helmet Drive? Do share it in comments below.
Source/Image Credit : IndianExpress & Pune Mirror