Dougie Lampkin is the first motorcyclist to wheelie the entire Isle of Man TT course

medha@Throttle|Updated: September 28, 2016 11:48

Dougie Lampkin has become the first motorcyclist to officially wheelie around the Isle of Man's 37. 73 mile (60.725 km) TT course. Dougie Lampkin, a 12-time world champion trials rider from Skipton, North Yorkshire, battled high winds as he navigated more than 200 corners and climbed 1,385 ft (422m) on one wheel.


"It feels fantastic," an emotional Lampkin, 40, said afterwards. His lap around the Mountain Course - in which riders usually reach 200mph - was clocked at one hour and 35 minutes.  He completed his historic lap on a highly modified Vertigo Combat Ice Hell 300cc - a fuel-injected single cylinder two-stroke machine. His attempt, originally scheduled for Saturday, was delayed for 24 hours because of 55mph winds.


As expected, the infamous mountain section made for tense viewing as Lampkin fought gusts of 40mph during Sunday's lap. Lampkin, who has won five consecutive World Indoor and seven consecutive World Outdoor Championships, spent seven months training for this challenge.


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