Ducati Set Eyes On Retaining Pikes Peak Record

Editor@Throttle|Updated: May 24, 2018 9:28

Ducati’s new Multistrada 1260 Pikes Peak is about to make its race début at this year’s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.


The Italian company has madethe intention of breaking the record again imperative. Carlin Dunne, who holds the Ducati team record, and Codie Vahsholtz, the current middleweight record holder, make up the 2018 Spider Grips Ducati Pikes Peak team.


Pikes Peak:

In 1990, a short film made rounds amongst numerous film festivals over the world, picking up a number of awards as well. The entire film was shot about a man driving a car up a mountain road until he reached the top. This might not be the most exciting film to imagine. However, when the car was a highly tuned monster, with Finnish legend, Ari Vatanen, at the wheel and the road being the famous Pikes Peak in Colorado, motorheads don’t need any more words to describe the beauty of the short film called ‘Climb Dance’. What that film did was bring the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb into our radars and lives, where it remains always.


Pikes Peak is a hill climb that measures 19.99 km in distance with a 156 turns and climbs from 4,720 feet at the start upto 14,110 feet at the finish. Hence the nickname ‘Race to the Clouds’. The race takes place on a Sunday and continues to be considered one of the most challenging road races in the world.


Article Source : BikeIndia