Emile Leray built a working motorcycle from his broken down car

medha@Throttle|Updated: September 26, 2016 12:14

In 1993, Emile Leray decided to take on an adventurous tour of crossing the Moroccon desert in his Citreon 2CV. But on his way, he crashed his car and was stranded in the middle of the desert.

With no communication devices and no help for hundreds of miles, he embarked upon the idea of building a working motorcycle from his wrecked car parts. Using just basic tools, which didn’t include power tools, drills, blowtorches or welding equipment, he built the motorcycle in a mere 12 days.


He converted the car’s rear bumper into a rudimentary seat, shortened the chassis, and placed the engine and transmission in the middle to create a vehicle that he reckoned would last for enough time to reach civilisation. However, the Citroen’s transmission, a drum-type arrangement that drives the rear wheel friction, which, by the laws of physics and mechanics, forced Emile to ride his motorcycle in reverse only. After a day of riding, he managed to reach the nearest village.


Emile Leray, now 60 years old is living in northwest France and still keeps the motorcycle as a memento of his incredible escape from the Moroccan desert. His experiments have earned him the well deserved 'world’s most extreme mechanic’ tag.


Source : www.motoroids.com