Endless Troopers Motorcycle Club all excited for their first BOBMC Rider Mania experience

Editor@Throttle|Updated: December 26, 2017 9:24
Endless Troopers Motorcycle Club (ETMC) formerly known as 'The Crew' was started by like minded riders to start off on a long journey of riding. Established in 2014, the founder/admins of the club are Pradeep Kumar, Arvind Boppanapally and Srinivas. With active chapters in Hyderabad and Pune, they started with short rides, and it was not the destination but the glory of the ride which made them do it over and over.
2018 MahaRM is their first Rider Mania and they are all excited about it and are yet to experience the fun. They expect loads of fun and learning from 2018 MahaRM.