Enfield Monsters MTC, Mysore all geared up for 2018 MahaRM

Editor@Throttle|Updated: December 15, 2017 9:04

Enfield Monsters MTCMysore is a group of like minded Bullet riders. Founded in 2015, the admins of the club are Raghu Gowda and Sagar. With a tag line of 'Ride Hard, Ride Safe', the club aims to unite motorcycle enthusiasts for recreation, education, mutual support, recognition, community betterment and to promote the positive image of motorcycling. An active club in Mysore, the group is a platform for one to meet the finest people in the journey of life and supports the passion for riding which brings them together for life.


The club members have attended 2 Rider Manias till now, one in Nagpur and other in Kundapur and are very excited for 2018 MahaRM. Speaking about their Rider Mania experience, they say the whole event is exciting. They are expecting more events in MahaRM than last year!