Featured Club : Club RBR – Ride Beyond Reasons, Bangalore

Editor@Throttle|Updated: June 8, 2017 8:33
Club RBR - Ride Beyond Reasons, Bangalore is a group of 52+ passionate riders who ride all types of bikes, including sports, cruisers and street bikes. Founded in 2017, the founder of the club is Alisha Jebin and admin is Kabeelan Athirathinam. With a tag line of  'Together We Ride as our Passion is One', the club members organize rides to various destinations on almost all weekends.
Their most memorable riding experience was group ride to Coorg, their 1st curve expedition and the 1st overnight ride for RBR Family. They enjoyed riding in form to reach the destination safely  and felt great knowing that they had each other, and went on the road unexplored.  They have also done a blood donation camp with Stan Ventures.