Featured Club : Free Riders Network, Bangalore

Editor@Throttle|Updated: March 1, 2017 9:32
Free Riders Network (FRN), Bangalore is a group of 1800+ passionate riders who ride various brand bikes from 100cc to high end superbikes. Founded in 2012, the club admins are  Ashok Bhat, Kapil Sangal & Vijay Joseph Kapanee.  The group has couple of moderators, including Nabajyoti Paul, Pavan Kumar, Ravi Kiran Saripalli who help manage the group.
With a tag line of  'Ride Only For the Love of Bikes', the club members organize various weekend rides and have also been to a few memorable overnight rides. The club has supported various charity drives including blood donation camps and has been to an orphanage to provide them with some food, clothes, books and some sports equipments.