Featured Club : Healing Wheels Raiganj

admin@throttle|Updated: August 12, 2016 11:48

Healing Wheels Raiganj is a group of passionate riders with a zeal to travel to new destinations and explore various cultures. Founded in 2009, the club has 16 members and active chapters in Siliguri and Kolkata. Anupal Chakraborty is the Secretary, Abhishek Paul Chowdhury is Treasurer, Prasenjit Bhowmick is President and Soumya Chakraborty is Assistant Secretary.


The club has formed an NGO titled Healing Wheels Organization and has undertaken activities like distributing stationary on Childrens Day, mountain cleaning and helping orphanages. The club has successfully completed treks and many rides, including the Golden Quadrilateral Ride and Ladakh ride. They rode with Esha Gupta for her Beautiful India- Celebrating Being Indian ride.


They are organizing a session with the Police Department and the doctors in their area on road safety and emergency action after accidents, this Independence Day.