Featured Club : Sanchari Bikers

Editor@Throttle|Updated: July 27, 2018 8:11
Sanchari Bikers, Bengaluru is a group of 50+ passionate riders who ride all types of bikes above 150 cc, from cruisers to superbikes. Established in 2017,  it was founded by Sarvotham Sharma & Sujay Janardhan, who had been associated with many other Motorcycle riding clubs. With a tag line of  'Never Stop Exploring'the club members organize rides regularly.
From beaches, mountains, green forests, river banks, and so on they have been everywhere. The joy of discovery, and riding of-course, is probably what bonds them. For them every ride is just as memorable and unique. They follow highest levels of road safety. They don’t entertain road rage, do not tolerate drunk riding, and ride for the joy of riding, not for show-off!
They have slowly but very steadily grown into a definitive cult, redefining the idea of riding for leisure and passion. They are neither brand specific nor gender biased. The members come from different cultures and professions for the sheer joy of riding.