Featured Club : The 310 Clan Bengaluru

Editor@Throttle|Updated: June 29, 2018 8:34
The 310 Clan Bengaluru is a group of 120 + riders who ride Apache RR310 bikes Established in 2018 with the start of delivery of Apache RR310 bikes, the founder of the club is Aman Kapoor, co-founder is Ranjith Yadav and admins are Adarsh Shenoy and Vikas Jaiswal.
With a small strength of  6 members initially and with a small ride to Hoskote, the club has grown in strength. The club members meet regularly to discuss rides, issues faced by fellow riders, and best solutions. The club members are always ready to join rides and work together with admins on making the group a better place.
WMD 2018 was the first mega event which the club participated in, where more than 40+ riders joined in. It looks forward to contribute to many such events, and uphold the true spirit of biking.  The club members continue to work on making the riders aware of the importance of safety, and importance of following traffic rules, both for its members and non-members. They also plan to organize "Ride For Cause" in future.
The group has active support of Prakruthi TVS (Ganganagar), with their Head Mechanic Mr Shashi being part of the group and being available to support any issues that riders might face.