Featured Product : Batios Hair Guard 

Editor@Throttle|Updated: March 25, 2017 8:08

Batios has innovation in its DNA and holds patents for its products. The company has its own R&D lab to develop innovative products to its customers. Started in year 2016, it has become a widely reputed brand among riders for the unique and useful product. Batios has a mission to improve helmet wearing experience to such great extent that each person in India wears helmet by his choice rather than wearing it just to avoid monetary fine from traffic police/ law enforcers.

Helmet provides great safety to your head but it gets dirty from inside because of accumulation of dirt, sweat, pollutants and oil which may cause many hair related problems like irritation, itching, hair loss, sticky hair etc. Solutions currently available in the market are inconvenient to use as you have to carry them separately, involves hassle of washing and do not improve helmet wearing experience. So the best solution is Hair Guard PRO which has to be installed inside your helmet and acts as a protective layer between your hair and inner layer of helmet.

a) Provides maximum hair protection under helmet.
b) Improves sweat absorption because of it's superior hydrophilic materials with quick drying technology.
c) Adds pleasant long lasting fragrance to your helmet.
d) Protects the liner of your expensive helmet.
e) Each unit can be used upto 2 months. 
f) Easy to install, use and replace. 
To order now click on -  https://goo.gl/ztKKN5