Featured Product : Kroozer Shield High Visibility LED indicator flaunter vest

Kroozer Shield High Visibility LED indicator flaunter vest is an initiative to make riders mark their presence on roads to following drivers/riders in dawn/night/rain/fog and other low visibility instances. It can be worn on any articles of clothing, in any weather, in any terrain. With a tough design and visibility range of more than 200 meters with 36 eyes dazzling LED, this essential accessory is now available on the e-Store for Rs. 4999/- only.



Tough and attractive design

KE50 series reflector clothing

High battery life

Auto-enabled Anti-perceptual blindness feature

It increases rider’s visibility, by wirelessly bringing the indications on the eye level of following drivers of cars, trucks, and buses.


This package comes with hassle-free installation, wireless use and future-ready inbuilt  Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based software with triple working modes.

  1. Standalone mode (till Vehicle is switched on)
  2. Sync Mode (When the vehicle is turned on)
  3. Last mode on


Technical Specifications
Battery: Li-ion, 2600 mah, short circuit protected
Connection: Wireless (legal RF frequency)
Backup: 10-14 hrs
LED     :  (12+6)*2
Charging time: 2.5 hrs
Charging Pin: Standard USB micro b type 
Charging voltage: 5v, up to 2.0A max (standard android charger)
To order now click on : https://store.throttle.club/kroozer-shield-high-visibility-led-indicator-flaunter-vest