Featured Rider : Ajit Mishra

Editor@Throttle|Updated: October 1, 2018 12:28
Ajit Mishra, a software professional, from Bihar, but working in Bangalore finds solitude in riding his motorcycle - Fury. He was in class XI when he first saw his neighbour get the  Avenger home and it was love at firstsight. That very day he told himself, that someday, when he could buy a motorcycle it would be the Avenger Black. On August 15, 2015, he got Fury home and with the help of a friend rode it from the showroom and from then on his journey of riding began.
Travelling is like one step at a time for enlightenment for him. Before he bought his motorcycle and learnt how to ride, he had already backpacked many places. But once he started riding, he became freer and travelled even  more. He still  finds it difficult to label himself as a rider, He is just a traveler who chose to ride on his motorcycle. Fury ( his bike) is freedom, freedom to go anywhere, to stop anywhere, to talk anything. It is a device that takes him to a place where he meets myself. That’s the main essence of his ride/travel. Spending time with himself, and that’s the reason he travelled entirely solo.
He did his first solo trip of 500 km in February 2016 after quitting his job and finished an insane ride of 35 days through the unexplored paradise of Seven Sisters. It challenged him in all attributes and he fought and won. Riding North East India solo was not easy, but one never remembers the easy job of your life. Each day of those 35 days ride is still inscribed in his memory for perpetual happiness. In 2017, he made a ride of Bangalore to Delhi riding comprehensively through Gujarat and Rajasthan in 18 days covering a distance of 7200 km. Then came the 1000 km ride in South India and soon he started dreaming for the biggest ride. 
Since the beginning of 2018, he started making a list of places he wanted to see. By this time, he had already ridden to 15 States. He thought of riding to all the places in his wishlist. The dream escalated and now he wanted to go from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, Ladakh , Spiti Valley, then Old silk Route and then Pura Hindustan. (whole of India).
He  started finding a route that would cover all his dreams and it came out to be 16000 km long route through deadly terrains and fluctuating mercury, unforgiving weather, treacherous mountain passes, tranquil lakes, violent rivers, etc. This dream had overtaken all the dreams of his life and stood like a giant at top. He started the preparation, more than his body, he nurtured my vision, his dream and his motorcycle - Fury. He made all possible changes and upgrades for his bike. 
On June 1, 2018, he started on a lifetime expedition and  returned home on July 25, 2018 like a winner, seeing all  20 states, 5 Union Territories, covering a distance of 15896 km on his Bajaj Avenger 220 bike. The sole purpose of the ride was passion and to explore the beauty of our country. He rode with a slogan #RideForOneIndia. The motivation behind the ride: was - No place is as bad as they tell you.
He is firm believer of “Prevention is better than cure” and he prepare in a robust way. Precaution in choosing right kind of gear to right selection of route, from right way of eating to proper way of speaking, he says everything matters a lot when you ride across the country solo. A comprehensive document with all the information is something that always takes the first place in the planning of his ride. He lists down all the places and then categorizes on how he wants to spend his time at  each place, He makes a chart, then plots it on map and finalizes his route.
All the moments of the ride were wonderful and he personally never categorizes any them into good or bad. Good experiences make him smile and bad experiences made him stronger. Every day, he reminded himself, “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”. He rode all across the nation telling that we are one country beyond religion, geographical difference, caste,creed etc. We are united under one flag and one nation. He wanted to make people believe that we still live in a beautiful country and not that is portrayed in everyday news. It is not as divided as they show it. If you seek with a clean heart everyone renders you his hand.
His riding itinerary was 90% fixed. He likes to fix the itinerary for 2 major reasons: He is a salaried employee, so has countable days in his hand for every trip and he wants to plan in a way that he returns in time and completes the ride as well. In making a robust itinerary and plan, he always believes that one can do more in less time/money.
The biggest support system for him is his unflinching dream/ambition. The beautiful sunset by dusk gives him strength to start another dawn. The happiness and anxiety of seeing a new place is the constant motivator and source of energy for him. It was difficult to convince everyone that he wanted to go all states of India on motorcycle. From the beginning his brother, friend and girlfriend were the very few people who encouraged him as they knew that he wanted to go at any cost. Later after few long rides, his parents got the assurance that he is safe and then they would always tell him to plan and prepare well and call.them every evening. 
He rode to 29 states, 5UTs. It was difficult for him to complete the entire itinerary in one go. He did not want to just touch capitals or just the borders of state.He wanted to see all beautiful places in every state and stay there. He has rode across all 29 states in major 3 rides.
1. Seven Sisters.35 Days, 5400 km
2. Maharashtra, Gujrat and Rajasthan: 18 Days, 7200 km
3. 20 States: 55 Days, 15896 km
Speaking about Throttle Biking App, he says that it’s a great app and he has been using it for quite some time. Also, he often speaks about the utility of the app to other riders.