Featured Rider : Archit

Editor@Throttle|Updated: August 29, 2018 13:10
Archit , a digital media marketing professional , learnt riding a bike at a very young age from his father and fell in love with the feeling of freedom while riding. His father has been a constant source of inspiration for his ride. He used to do stunts back then and always had this passion to go on long rides. He seriously and safely pursued it after getting his first self funded bike - Bajaj Dominar 400.
He had planned the All India Ride since a long time and by November 2017, he had saved enough money to get the bike and the sole purpose of buying the bike was to go on an all India trip ASAP. The duration of his ride is roughly three months.  He has started his ride from Rajasthan, then plans to go down and then come back to East. He has covered 4500+ kms till now in 20+ days. The total plan is to cover all States of India in 90 days or so on his Bajaj Dominar 400.
The primary reason for the ride is that he loves travelling on open highways, exploring new places, meeting new people and experiencing different adventures everyday. He says that his trip is the perfect opportunity to do the same. He quit his decent earning business to pursue his dream of being an Experience Influencer. He says that he ran out of content and had to do something crazy to fill it back up and so this trip.  He has taken a loan for doing this ride and hopes to figure about his expenses midway. He has a rough route map  but  mostly he goes to a place and then decides which city he is going next. Its pretty random that way.
His parents and his supportive friends have been a constant source of inspiration and are always just a call away. As his current ride involves meeting a local from a city , he goes and asks them to show him around their city, and  this has been the best experience ever. The way they can help you explore, you can never do so alone. Though the trip is solo,he never felt he was traveling alone due to these guys. Since this is a big ride and he is doing it professionally ,he is suited up with protective gears from head to toe and rides more responsibly. He generally avoids riding at night on the highways and that's the time he usually explores the city. He has contact info of some amazing guys from the biking fraternity who have a pan India network and they help him get help anywhere.
He has had some good and bad experiences on road. One of the best experiences was being in the desert at Jaisalmer in the morning and the mountains at Mount Abu in the evening. That scene changed in less than 12 hours and was something on a different level. He has also witnessed the natural beauty, roads and culture, and meets new people everyday so its like a new experience everyday. A memorable incident however was when he took a wrong turn and saw two stranded bikers, helped them a little and they ended up inviting him to their place (Dahanu) .7 days down the line he was there, and it was one of the most beautiful places he had seen. Then he met a guy at Jaisalmer who literally took out 2 days of his time to help him experience the beauty. One guy he met at Ahemdabad  regulary calls him up till date and asks about his well being , and helps him connect with riders in whichever city he is in. He has been posting daily videos of his experiences. He literally slept for 4 hours a day, and realized that more than the sleep, the new views and cold air refreshed him. He had three flat tyres on each of the first three days of the ride and also encountered a small accident.
A message that he would like to give is that spend on experiences more than material possessions. It would give you a more fulfilling life. And go all in for your dreams however scary they may seem. You wouldn't know if you wouldn't try. He is getting messages on Social Media that he is inspiring some guys to do the same and this humbles him. On the days he feels down or overconfident, he reads articles of people way crazier than him and that gets him back to normal. He has completed a small part of this ride till now. He would love to explore Europe on his bike someday. Next year, he plans to go to Thailand , but is not sure whether on a car or bike.
Speaking about Throttle Biking App, he says that honestly he didn't know about the app before. But once he installed it, he fell in love with the way Throttle is trying to build a community of bikers and get them into a real connection. The SOS feature would be a life savior. And he loves how there are Featured Clubs that one can join and chat with other bikers. He is sure the app would be of great help to him during the rest of the ride.
Throttle Team wishes him good luck for the remaining journey!