Featured Rider : Chantal Simons

admin@throttle|Updated: August 11, 2016 11:36
chantal simmons

Chantal Simons, a woman rider, living in Australia is on a solo motorcycle ride to Netherlands, the country where she was born. Calling her trip as chickonthechookchaser, she is the chick and her bike-the Yamaha XT250 is her chook chaser. She finds her road trail bike very convenient as she can easily put her feet on the ground.


She has an experience of riding the 9 countries of Europe in just 10 days. After riding across Australia, she set off to Asia in East Timor. She feels that this journey will test her riding skills as well as develop her problem solving skills. She has travelled across Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar and India and is currently in Nepal.


Riding through the interiors of Asia, she has met some wonderful souls and the language barrier was no hindrance at all. She has enjoyed every bit of travel, from animal safaris, watching pagodas crossing rivers and experiencing various trails. In India, she visited Taj Mahal, met the women bikers of Bikerni, team xbhp in Siliguri and Sana Iqbal.She has penned down all her adventurous experiences and feels that she can encourage women riders to take up such challenges.


What sets her journey apart is the fact that she is taking the most unconventional path of travelling across the interiors of countries to experience the real beauty.


Throttle Team wishes her good luck for the remaining journey.