Featured Rider : Dilip Krishna Bhat

Editor@Throttle|Updated: May 2, 2018 12:34
Dilip Krishna Bhat, from Manglore but now settled in Bangalore is an IT Product Manager by profession but travel and automobiles are his passion.  His exposure to vehicles came very early when he got into off roading in jeeps at the age of 10. His tryst with motorcycles started at the age of 20 when his parents bought him a Bajaj Pulsar 200 DTSI. It has been over 10 years since he started motorcycling. His motorcycles have touched a lot of corners around India and now abroad.
Before motorcycle fravel, he had extensively traveled by other means of transport. ie. by cars, backpacking. But for the freedom and connection with the elements, nothing came close to motorcycling. It was like meditation behind the handlebars, one single focus on the road. he feels that being prepared for the unknown keeps your mind really in focus, there is no scope to drift away.  
In 2015 Sudhir and he met over a ride and became brothers due to their passion for travel and bikes. It was then that they planned for the Road of Bones (ROB) covering Kazak, Mongolia and Russia. For various reasons they couldn't execute the ride until the end of 2016. In 2016 they had just returned from doing a ride to Pangi Valley when they decided that 2017 is the year they will do the ride to ROB. The planning started there, Deepak who they met through MTM platform, also wanted to do a ride similar to what they had planned. Thats where they became a team and executed this ride. From Nov 2016 to May 2017 until the flag off, he doesn't remember anything from his personal life.. It was just juggling between work and ride plan. 
His memorable ride is the Dominar Trans Siberian Odyssey where he rode all the way from Tashkent to Magadan, covering some epic landscapes that included the Pamir highway and the Old summer Road of the Road of Bones, He rode through Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Russia, where he covered a.total distance of 16000+ kms in 48 days on Bajaj Dominar 400. His riding route was Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Russia. The sole purpose of his ride- was to explore the lands of our dreams.. Road of Bones was the main agenda.  The motivation behind the ride was Long Way Round TV series where the riders had ridden to Magdan via the OSR of the Road of Bones. Ever since he came across that show, his one main dream was to ride on Old Summer Road. 
For him most of the memories made on the road are mostly good memories, Even the bad ones become a lesson and he made it into a positive experience. One good memory that he can quote is of the people he met in Babushkin, a very small village on the shores of Lake Baikal in Russia. The painter Yoush and his boss Alexander, were such a company on a rainy day when they took a break. Yoush, made one of the best memories of his life by painting a mural of lake Baikal on his bike. After just spending a day with them, saying good bye knowing very well that we might never meet each other again was very difficult. There are a lot of such people he came across during the ride that have created a long lasting impression.

Speaking about a bad experience, he says that the saddest point during the ride, after having dreamed about Old summer Road, of the Road of bones,was not being able to complete the road. By the time they reached Tomtor on the OSR, the weather got horribly bad and they had to turn back to Kyubeme and take the federal road to Magdan. That 100 odd kilometers that they missed actually had him in tears, maybe it was for better, He believes that Universe has a plan and we can't challenge it,, may be we would have got killed had we done that 100 kms. Some things and some questions don't have answers.
He says that safety is a must during motorcycle riding. It doesn't matter if its a short breakfast ride or a cross country over landing, full body riding gear is a must. End of the motorcycles are on two wheels, even the most experienced riders can have a fall, and with the gears on you will come out unscathed. Also keeping the vehicle in good shape takes you a long way when it comes to having a safe trip. Even if he is taking his two wheeler out to buy milk from the neighborhood store, you will not see him without a helmet.
His family, i.e. parents are a constant source of inspiration. He says that as riders we are all very aware of risks that are involved in motorcycle travel. Along with the pressure of risks you get to enjoy the journey while our folks back home need to constantly live under the pressure. Even after all this pressure, parents still support you and always wish the best for all our endeavors. So he is always thankful to his parents. 
He believes that all of us have dreams and we need to strive really hard to achieve them all. From his travels it is clear that anybody can do it. All that you need is the will power and commitment to take it to the end. Don't expect it to be easy. 
His travel itinerary was a  mixture of both - fixed as well as flexible..when you are doing an overland trip over many countries, you need to have a fixed itinerary with regards to Visa and entry exit from countries. But he likes to keep the local itinerary flexible so that you can make spontaneous plans around with the locals.
His major rides/Drives till now have been Mangalore- Rajasthan,  Exploring Maharastra, West Coast Chase,  Monsoon Kanyakumari to Gujarat (2014), East by North East - Aruncahal, Assam, Meghalaya (2015), HP- JK ride Pangi (Killar-Kistwar)- Ladakh (2016), Trans Siberian Odyssey( 2017) and the upcoming North East (Nagaland-Tripura- Manipur )(2018).
Speaking about Throttle Biking App he says its a very good initiative connecting riders across the country. He will soon give feedback and spread the word.