Featured Rider : Iraida Kosmidou

Editor@Throttle|Updated: September 25, 2017 12:37

Iraida Kosmidou, born in Russia but who lives in Greece started riding Supersport motorbikes at the age of 18. Her first bike was Yamaha YZF 125 and then Suzuki GSXR 1000 model of 2003.


The recent driving she had with the motorbike was when she made about 112 km a day from Larissa,  went to Meteora in Kalambaka and came back from Karditsa. The routes she prefers to have are with  bends and nice places like forests or mountains. She would also love to be on track whole day.

She likes to observe herself on different paths, because her riding style is different on the track than the road and those are some experiences she wants to collect. She chooses to go for a ride rather than do something else because riding a motorbike is high demanding and as a rider, has to put goals every time she starts the engine and wants them to succeed. The freedom she feels on the motorbike is not only physical, but mostly mental, because every time she climbs on the motorbike its like meditation. It's like creating some kind of bond with her motorbike. Since riding style is a part of one's character so by improving it, she also improves her own aspects.


She was 18 years old when she bought her R125 . She started riding it from the morning and went home at night. She was very excited and just in love with it! . On a ride she had arranged with a company of hers, she was hit by a traffic accident. It was a shocking situation for her. It was a serious accident as she stayed in the hospital for 14 days and another 2 months in bed. She wore the protection equipment and makes it a point to wear it. This was 3 years ago but this did not stop her from riding again. 


She bought the brand new Suzuki GSXR 1000 model of 2003 after the accident. The first contact with the track was made with an instructor Shai Lev. She rented a motorbike from him. and he explained some things about the track and the machine. The experience was unique, unforgettable and impressive and she managed to achieve many things from her first contact with the track.


She also took lessons from California Superbike School. It was then that she realized her love for motorbikes. Her personal experiences have given her the ability to correct mistakes. Having the basic skills and precious experiences for the "Sliding Art", she can continue her passion without any fear. And it goes without saying that once is never enough as education never stops! The message she wants to pass is: "When you do something do it right and do not be afraid to push yourself" A Moto Engineering aspirant, she hopes to run in races and make it a profession as it is the dream of her life.


Throttle Team wishes good luck to Iraida!