Featured Rider : Moksha Jetley

Editor@Throttle|Updated: November 8, 2017 9:38

Moksha Jetley, a female biker from Himachal Pradesh has successfuly completed her Leh-Kanyakumari ride with a message 'Daughters are Precious'. She started her ride on October 2, 2017 which happens to be her daughter Prachi's birthday and ended it on October 18, 2017 covering a distance of 5000 kms in 17 days. The ride ended on her 55th birthday which made it even more special.

Her riding route was Leh- Srinagar- Hoshiarpur- Chandigarh- Jaipur- Udaipur- Vadodara -Thane- Pune- Kolhapur- Goa- Karwaar- Udupi- Kannaur- Thrissur- Alppy -and Kanyakumari. She feesl that this is a once in a lifetime expedition and she will always cherish the experiences. She is also thankful to the Almighty for His graciouness.
She was appreciated by people wherever she went for riding for a cause. She also did fund raising for an NGO during the course of her ride and received good support. She got massive media following in Rajasthan Gujarat Karnataka Kerala and Tamilnadu. There were many difficulties too like back tyre flat near Udaipur where she got support from local people. She also had a crash near Thrissur where the bike's head light was broken and her helmet and jacket saved her. The narrow roads from Kerala to Mangalore with single lanes and big potholes were difficult to ride on but overall ride was pretty good. In Bichhwara, Rajasthan she was mistaken as Arun Jaitley's daughter but she mentioned it clearly that there was no connection.
Her daughter Prachi Jetley planned her entire ride from arranging funds, contacting sponsors and suggesting directions, She has been a constant source of inspiration for her throughout.
Throttle Team congratulates her for this awesome feat!