Featured Rider : Nikita Rahalkar

Editor@Throttle|Updated: March 27, 2018 9:06
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Nikita Rahalkar, a female rider from Mumbai believes in the cause of 'Save The Girl Child' and has done many rides to support the cause. A passionate rider, she started riding in 2015 and has travelled to many destinations. She says that her family has been a great source of support for her endeavour.

Her dad had Bullet, so that 'dug dug dug' sound always touched her heart. Since her childhood, she decided to buy a bullet. She got her dream machine -the Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 in 2015, which she fondly calls as  'BARKHA'. 
Her first solo trip was to Rajasthan in February 2017. She travelled an approx. distance of 2200+ kms riding across Vadodara, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Mount Abu, Surat and then back home. Her fondest memories of the trip include the  cooperation she received from local people. The people were always ready for helping her and were more supportive as she was the lady rider.  On this road trip she lost her route and reached her next destination almost 2 hours late . Then she got to know that the route on which she rode was a ghat and some snatchers and dacoits lived there.
Her second long ride was the South-East coastal Route of India, sponsored by Vodafone where she rode across 7 States and covered an approximate distance of 5600 + kms. She covered almost half of Maharashtra in one day ride ! Her memorable experience  during her South-East India Costal Route Trip was the one where at one point the road was over , and was sinking with full of water. It was raining heavily but she returned back safely with her friends. 
She is a firm supporter of Safe Riding and  wears all riding gears like jacket, knee guard, hand gloves, and full face covered helmet on all her rides. She always carries the bike tool kit on all the rides to handle emergency breakdowns. Most of her travel itenary is fixed but sometimes it changes due to the situations.  She plans the route before and then goes for hotel booking. After that she makes sure her bike is serviced and ready for the ride.
She has been using the Throttle Biking App and says that it is very helpful. She uses this app to read some articles that are very knowledgeable. It helps her to show route map for her rides, SOS etc. 

Recently, she had organized a rally in Thane titled "SAVE THE GIRL CHILD" on the occasion of ' Women's Day' on March 8 . This thought came into her mind since she was working with Women and Child Development Department. She has seen some cases in a district called Sangli  in Maharashtra where some people of society or community keep their daughters name as "NAKUSHI" which means "UNWANTED". Being a rider, she came up with the idea of arranging the rally for this cause. As bikers go on road trips, they will spread awareness about this cause verbally, and with stickers, bannners, brochures etc.