Featured Riders : GV Prasad and Rakshith

Editor@Throttle|Updated: May 7, 2018 10:52
A father-son duo from Hyderabad - GV Prasad and Rakshith are riding to London with a special message -'Vasudeva Kutumbakam' (One world one family). They want to spread the message of love, peace and happiness across continents. They plan to ride with four other riders from Coimbatore, Jaipur and Ahmedabad. The ride flagged off from Guwahati on May 1, 2018 from where all the riders  embarked on their journey.
GV Prasad and Rakshith started their ride from Hyderabad on April 24, 2018 for Guwahati. They plan to ride approx. 300-400 kms everyday and spend the remaining  time with the local people and explore new places on their route. They plan to ride across Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, China, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan before reaching London. The riders will ride across 16 countries, covering a distance of 17000+ kms in 55 days. 
GV Prasad, an entrepreneur by profession has already clocked a distance of 96000+ kms on national and international roads, and says that riding for him is freedom and has already traversed the rugged terrains of Bhutan and Khardung-La - Kanyakumari stretch.  He is also an active member of Harley Davidson Bikers’ Group
Rakshith, a medical student is inspired by his father and says that riding has taught him discipline, sharing, bonding, tolerance and leadership. 
Throttle Team wishes them good luck for their journey!