Government gives relief of Rs 2.50 per litre on petrol and diesel

Editor@Throttle|Updated: October 4, 2018 15:54

Government has announced a relief of Rs 2.50 on petrol and diesel to consumers at a time when the Brent crude has touched $86 per barrel and there is uncertainity in the international crude oil market. 

Announcing the decision, Finance Minister said that the Centre will cut Rs 1.50 in excise duty on fuel while an additional Re 1 will be absorbed by the Oil Marketing Companies.  He has urged the state governments to cut the VAT on fuel by an equal amount. The move will have an impact of Rs 10,500 crore this fiscal but the government is confident of achieving the fiscal deficit target.  He added that the situation in the international market is uncertain and that our macroeconomic fundametals - especially on the inflation and fiscal front - are strong enough to bear any impact. 


Article Source : Economic Times