Half Helmet Seizure and Ban In Bangalore and Mysore

Editor@Throttle|Updated: January 4, 2018 12:55

The Mysuru City Police have begun a drive against motorists wearing non-Indian Standard Institute (ISI) mark helmets in the city. The drive was initiated against riders wearing non-ISI as well as half-face or open-face helmets and have been fined accordingly. Police personnel were seen stopping two-wheeler riders and checking, both the rider and the pillion, seizing any non-ISI marked helmets as these do not comply with safety standards.


The police personnel were seen writing the vehicle and rider's phone number on the helmet and advised them to buy and use ISI mark helmets only. Now, Bengaluru City Police have issued an update towards the seizure and ban of non-ISI helmets stating that wearing a protective headgear should conform to the standards of Bureau of Indian Standards.

Article Source : DriveSpark


Throttle Team supports this noble initiative of wearing standard safety gears!