Happy World Motorcycle Day

Editor@Throttle|Updated: June 21, 2018 3:28
World Motorcycle Day

World Motorcycle Day is a day to celebrate motorcycles and everything related to its spirit. For bikers, motorcycles represent travel, freedom and empowerment. Every year, WMD (World Motorcycle Day) is celebrated on June 21 (Year's longest day i.e Summer Solstice) across the globe. It is for everybody who loves or has ever loved anything to do with the motorcycle world. No matter which bike you ride … sports bike, super bike or a small bike, World Motorcycle Day is the day to celebrate everything.


WMD is a global event by the official announcers of WMD and bikers arrange for various meet ups with rider friends, have a short ride, and celebrate the day in the true spirit of biking brotherhood and its spirit. Various events are held everywhere to mark this special day.


Whether you belong to any biking groups, clubs or are a solo rider, this is the day to head out and have as much fun  as possible with like minded biking enthusiasts. So what are you doing today? Just head out and join a group and enjoy the bonding on bikes. But please ensure that you are wearing all safety gears while on ride. 


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Throttle Team wishes you all a very Happy 2018 World Motorcycle Day!

Keep Riding, Keep Throttling!