Harley-Davidson America’s Interns To Get Free Motorcycles

Editor@Throttle|Updated: April 28, 2018 8:37

Harley-Davidson is offering a new summer internship program that will pay recruits to ride motorcycles across the US, and the interns will get to keep the bikes at the end of the job. The "Find Your Freedom" internship program is a 12-week, full time internship, and part of the job will be to ride around on a Harley and "chronicle your summer on social media" representing Harley-Davidson as a brand enthusiast. The company will hire eight lucky interns to participate in the program, which is accepting applications now.


Applicants have until May 11, 2018 to file their applications, and the program is open to recent graduates, as well as current college students who want to pursue a career in marketing or social media. The program will be 40 hours a week, and for 12 weeks, fully paid, and Harley-Davidson will teach the recruits how to ride at the H-D Riding Academy. The interns will also be given a crash course in marketing at Harley-Davidson's headquarters before taking their motorcycle on the road and to events and showcases, documenting their journey while taking photos and videos for Social Media.


At the end of the internship, the students will not only have the experience, but also get to keep the bikes they ride during the 12-week program, provided they pass the H-D Riding Academy course and secure a motorcycle endorsement within a certain time frame. All applicants must be at least 18 years of age.


Article Source : CarAndBike