Harley-Davidson Small Capacity Motorcycle For Asia Rendered

Editor@Throttle|Updated: November 8, 2018 21:14
Harley-Davidson FutureElectric_1532661788661-9-HR

Harley-Davidson had earlier announced that the iconic brand will be developing an all-new 250-400 cc motorcycle in a strategic alliance with an Asian manufacturer. The new bike, targeted at markets like India, and other South East Asian nations, will be launched in 2022.


Harley-Davidson has categorically mentioned that the small capacity motorcycle will be brought to India, with the intent of expanding Harley-Davidson's reach and also broadening the customer base in the world's largest two-wheeler market. Additionally, Harley-Davidson also plans to introduce a new adventure bike, a street fighter, and a custom cruiser. The iconic American manufacturer had released a few render images of future products, including the electric motorcycle line-up when that announcement was made.


Japan's Young Machine website has unveiled rendered images of what the upcoming small-displacement single-cylinder Harley-Davidson could look like. It's still a render, so if the actual design of the upcoming Harley-Davidson will look like this is open to interpretation. But the fit and finish, design details and other fittings look quite impressive. The bike looks like a mix between a modern naked street with flat-track inspiration, and the design certainly looks straight out of the future, clearly with some inspiration from the drawings released of the Harley electric models released earlier this year. There are no confirmed reports of which Harley-Davidson will partner with, but from all indications, it is very likely that the new small displacement Harley-Davidson will be made in India.


Article Source : CarAndBike